Underwater Photography

I’ve been playing with my new Powershot D10 for about a week and really like it. I’m very impressed with the picture quality on this camera. The 12 megapixel sensor, coupled with a dozen shooting modes, produce an excellent image. I’m used to controlling aperture and shutter speed on the SLR, so simply selecting “portrait” or “night exposure” mode and letting the camera do all the work just seems too easy. Or, if selecting “portrait” is too difficult, you can select “auto” and just let the camera do it all. Movie quality is also quite good. The LCD screen on the back of the camera seems huge compared to the 1″ screen on my old Digital Rebel. It’s a great display. I’ll be honest I did not felt quite confident to throw my $280 camera in the water. But in the end everything went well and was able to capture beautiful underwater images.

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